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SmartSteel 1.0

SSAB introduces the first version of the SmartSteel service, a mobile app which has been designed to make it easier for our customers.

SmartSteel gives steel a digital identity, making the data and instructions relating to any steel item available, regardless of where the item is processed. Each link in the production chain can then utilize and add to this data. The product is marked at the mill and the data is uploaded to a cloud service. Customers can use the service to identify products, examine the properties of materials, download material certificates and give feedback.

How the SmartSteel mobile app works

  • Use the scanner to identify the product:
  • Scan the bar codes to identify bundles, coils and slit strips
  • Scan plate marking to identify heavy plates
  • Material ID can be completed manually

Once the product has been identified, the user can review the material, order information and also download material certificates. If there is something wrong with the order, the user completes the feedback form by adding the required additional information and attaching photos. Feedback is sent to dedicated customer sales representatives and to the customer.

How to access

SmartSteel application requires access rights, which can be requested from SSAB's sales representatives.
The mobile application is available in App Store and Google Play Store.

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