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Overlay products

Overlay products

SSAB overlay plate is your solution to combat premature failure in critical wear areas under extremely abrasive conditions with moderate to low impact.

SSAB supplies a wide range of chromium carbide overlay and complex carbide overlay plates. Typical standard formats are 5’ X 10’ and 6’ X 10’. Overlay thicknesses vary from 1/8” to ½” depending on the thickness of the base metal. Plates can also be cut to size, shaped and rolled according to customer specifications. 

SSAB overlay products are the natural choice for demanding applications found in industries such as mining, cement production and handling, coal-fired power generation, steel production, pulp and paper, dredging and many other applications.

Overlay products provide a longer equipment life and increased production efficiency. Maintenance costs are reduced due to the extended service life and there is less downtime for equipment replacements. Annualized material costs are also reduced by the proven performance of SSAB overlay products.

Typical applications include dragline buckets, truck bed liners, shovel buckets, fan blades, loader buckets, housing liners, dozer skins, hopper liners, motor grade liners, skirt boards, scraper liners, transition chute liners, spiral conveyors, cement mill liners, wood debarker liners, scroll liners.