Product offer and datasheets SSAB Weathering and COR-TEN® steel saves weight in freight and heavy transport equipment
Weathering steel saves weight and  maintenance costs

Weathering steel saves weight and maintenance costs

COR-TEN® is a licensed brand and a part of the family of SSAB Weathering steel.

Heavy-duty transport is a perfect match for SSAB Weathering and COR-TEN® steels. Railway rolling stock and shipping containers are exposed to extreme conditions that can vary immensely within a few hours of travel, be it rain, sun, wind or snow. This changing climate is ideal for weathering steels that require changeable wet and dry conditions in order for the oxidation process to take place and provide the unique hard-wearing patina layer of protective rust. 

Additionally, SSAB Weathering steels do not retain moisture – which promotes corrosion – in the way that conventional steel does, meaning freight transport made from them has a longer life.

High strength steel for railway vehicles and shipping containers

Railway vehicles and shipping containers made from high-strength SSAB Weathering steels are extremely strong, hard-wearing and relatively light in comparison to freight transport made from other materials. Add to this the rust resistant properties, and you get railway wagons and containers that can handle greater payloads for longer with lower energy requirements.


Low start-up and maintenance costs

Another key reason that SSAB Weathering and COR-TEN® steels are used for freight transport and shipping containers is the low start-up and maintenance costs. Unlike conventional steel, weathering steels do not need painting. The patina surface that is created during the oxidation process, protects the steel below. This naturally occurring process means there are no initial painting or subsequent repainting costs throughout the long life of the steel.

Corrosion resistant steel

Corrosion behavior compared to normal carbon steel

Corrosion behavior compared to normal carbon steel

Patina layer on the steel surface of weathering steels is adherent and resists cyclical corrosion loss. During first years of the patination process the corrosion speed is close to that of normal carbon steel.

Outdoor exposure in Finland after first 10 years

Patina formation is dependent on the atmospheric conditions. In rural areas, both COR-TEN A and COR-TEN B provide notable decrease in corrosion rate as compared to ordinary carbon steel S355. In industrial areas, COR-TEN A provides best resistance against corrosion due to the phosphorus alloying.

To paint or not to paint – you decide 

With most bridge and structure materials you do not get a choice, they either have to be painted, such as conventional steel, or they should be left untreated such as concrete. However, with SSAB Weathering and COR-TEN® steels both options work. 

When painting, you can rely on good paint adhesion thanks to the steel texture. The hard-wearing properties of the steel also provide a “self-healing effect” that minimizes corrosion creepage.

Additionally, porous expanding rust is not an issue in SSAB Weathering steel structures – as is the case for carbon steel. All in all these factors mean that the useful life of paint on weathering steel is twice that of paint on conventional steel. As a rule of thumb, you need to paint a conventional steel bridge twice as often as a bridge made from SSAB Weathering steel. This also means that painted weathering steel looks better for longer.

Low environmental footprint

SSAB Weathering and COR-TEN® steels have a smaller environmental footprint than conventional steel. The emissions and pollution caused from painting and stripping (pre-repainting) can be completely avoided if wagons and containers and left unpainted. The steel is also 100% recyclable and can be used as a substitute for wood, in which case the use of harmful impregnating agents is avoided.
Environmentally-friendly steel
 SSAB Weathering steels: ready for the workshop
As with all critical materials and components there are recommendations for application use of SSAB weatheriAs with all critical materials and components there are recommendations for application use of SSAB weathering COR-TEN® steels. ng COR-TEN® steels.

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