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Steel is a superb cladding material. Thanks to its formability, steel provides the designer with truly versatile possibilities to create a surface that matches the environment and the style of the building. Steel is easy and fast to install and maintain, and it has excellent durability.

As an architect, manufacturer or builder, you know that finding a long-lasting color coated material with outstanding environmental properties, high color retention and easy formability can be difficult. This is where GreenCoat comes into the picture. GreenCoat products for façades are available in hundreds of colors and finishes, are easy to cut and bend, and stand the test of time.

GreenCoat products are UV-resistant (up to RUV4), energy efficient, scratch resistant, have good formability and offer color stability over the years.

In the product function boxes below, we have highlighted our GreenCoat products in the specific box.

Product offer by product function

- selection by GreenCoat® and general SSAB products

Outdoor durability: These GreenCoat products have our longest guarantees for outdoor durability. They are proven to withstand decades of harsh weather, even in the tough Nordic climate.
Color repeatability: Choose these products when you need special, tight color tolerances for your application. Besides the wide color range, these products are offered also in metallic color and special shades.