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When Ford was searching for a new material for the rocker panels in its 2011 Ford Focus, they had a few objectives in mind: increase safety, reduce the thickness of the application and save weight. After the company contacted SSAB and discussed the possibility of using Docol® 1400 M-EG, the process began. 


Ford had a complicated and expensive rocker panel design and for its 2011 Ford Focus, they had a few objectives in mind: 

  • increase safety
  • reduce the thickness of the application
  • save weight


The possibility of using Docol® 1400 M-EG was identified and the process began. Trials were conducted, production methods streamlined and prototypes tested. In the end, the rocker panel made from Docol® 1400 M-EG was an entire 30 percent lighter than the original, and because of the steel’s unique strength, it proved to be a stronger, safer design. The new panel provided some strong benefits. For example: 

  • the new design allowed for roll forming instead of hot-formed boron steel
  • a change of production methods resulted in a significant cost reduction
  • the new rocker panel met both Euro NCAP and IIHS standards

Docol still reinforcement

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