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25 Mar
Betonstar reaches higher with lighter weight through Strenx® steel
Concrete pumps used in the construction of tall buildings need a boom structure that is strong and reliable while also striving for light weight. Turkish Betonstar has met these requirements by using only Strenx® performance steel throughout its structures. The result is longer, stronger and lighter products.
10 Mar
SSAB EcoUpgraded concept benefits ILAB Container – 36 tonnes of CO2 saved per container
ILAB Container, the leading container supplier in the Nordic countries, has found SSAB EcoUpgraded to be a very useful concept when telling customers about the advantages of high-strength steels and ILAB containers.
10 Mar
Groundbreaking wear resistance with new Hardox HiAce in acidic environments
Abrasive materials and acidic environments don’t go well together – until now, that is. The new Hardox® HiAce wear steel is specially formulated to withstand wear in acidic and low pH environments.